Kenneth Bailey, known as ‘KENN’ is a Singer songwriter, saxophonist born in the UK; with sensational ability he unites; music and listener.  This synergy is reflected in live performances and work as a recording artist.


His musical journey started as a young child in the Pentecostal church in Nottingham, England. The early influences of his childhood, and from his Jamaican background can be recognised in some of his musical lexicon. These strong roots are the basis of which he approaches and mixes sub genres of predominantly black music.


His music is a fusion of Soul, Jazz and R&B with occasional twists of reggae without neglecting his British-European influences; he coined a phrase for his style “Bo-pop“, meaning Pop of Black Origin.


‘KENN’s attributes are his extensive vocal range varying from “rich warm qualities, to rough edged hues”, this paired with a colourful and expressive sound on the saxophone, further enable the use of inflections familiar with Jazz and Blues idioms.

He’s often been described as a “soulful talent” with elegance and prowess, harnessing the ability to positively capture and motivate the listener with music.

These characteristics have enabled him to play Internationally in Clubs, Theatres, Festivals and different events public and private in Italy across Europe and Globally on an ever-growing forum.


In 2007, he formed part of a trio called “Gamma 3”. This collaboration led to the bands first recording; “Take flight”. (formed with Michele Bonivento and Francesco Casale).


In 2008 he started his collaboration with Joyce Yuille and the Gospel Times, one of the most recognised professional Gospel groups in Italy.


In 2009 he participated in various festivals Jazz and blues, with a short collaboration with Livorno Gospel choir, Cheryl Porter and the Cheryl porter group.


In 2010 he wrote, produced and recorded his first album as a solo artist

“Acts of Illusion”


In 2011 he participated in a television program as backing singer for Alessandra Amoroso


In 2012, he signed to an independent record label MYA producing a single for the following year that was finalised at Abbey road studios.


In 2013, an EP was released called ‘Laugh out Loud’ (MYA Music) which was highly played on Radio 105 and other national radios in Italy. This led to an interview with Red Ronnie on ‘Roxy bar TV’, a Radio tour of Italy to participating in Radio 105’s summer tour festival- sharing the stage with some of Italy’s well know artists.


In 2014 he produced the basis of a concept project called, Flamingo. Indigo “a new way to dine and listen”.



In 2015, he was involved in various new projects and festivals, exhibited at the Blue note in Milan with a Soul and Gospel line up, and also performed on saxophone for Eros Ramazzotti at the Wind Music Awards 2015 in the Verona Arena.


In 2016, saw him move his attention to a new collaboration with other young artists/musicians in a group called “Spaghettification”. The ideas implemented in this style of music were World music, Jazz and Pop to creatively contaminate various musical spheres.


In 2017, He was asked to write and produce the soundtrack for Sonus Faber Audio. This was to launch their Guarneri tradition range of speakers.


In 2018, He graduated in Jazz Saxophone at the Conservatory of music “Cesare Pollini” in Padua, with which he combined performing at events and concerts.

In the summer of that year, he was asked to exhibit at Ju-Ju memorial in Cesenatico, an event that honors the musical achievements of the late- great Giulio Capiozzo (l’Area). This Concert plays host to some of the top names in the Italian Jazz and Soul music industry.


In the same year he also formed various trio combinations under his name, to perform twice a month Armani Hotel in Milan. This on-going program of concerts on the 7th floor ‘Bamboo Bar’, garnered the idea of promoting Jazz and Soul Music to the city, with a cosmopolitan backdrop. “Sunday Notes”, then later moved to “Friday notes”.


2018-19 found him recording songs in the studio for PAPIK (IRMA) and alternatively writing lyrics and recording vocals for FM records in Rome.



An experience with the ‘Nu-art’ entertainments agency opened the opportunity to create, organize, co-organize and lead ‘function bands’ of up to five elements. This amplified his role as bandleader/frontman, and gave valuable insight into high profile events and coordination, thus adding to his artistic value. This collaboration saw them take off to perform around Italy landing on foreign in countries further afield such as: India, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Scandinavia, The United States and other European countries.


In the year 2020, records a promotional video and track with Too High trio (with Ricky Quagliato and Ivan Zuccarato), at Project-Lead studios.


In the meanwhile, KENN’s passion, curiosity and drive for music and art, have been essential factors in his on-going association with world class musicians, providing him the opportunity to make music all over the globe. This year and for some of 2021 he’s spending time refining his own musical vision, that will interject with work as an artist and artisan works.

Who knows what will come next! We just hope great music!